The Worst Side Gigs During A Recession

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During a recession, many people turn to side gigs as a way to make ends meet or supplement their income. However, some side gigs may be more challenging or less lucrative than others during a recession. Here are a few side gigs that may be more difficult to sustain during a recession:

  1. Ride-sharing services: With people cutting back on non-essential travel and events, demand for rides may decrease, making it harder to earn money as a driver.
  2. Food delivery: Similar to ride-sharing, fewer people may be dining out or ordering in during a recession, which could lead to fewer opportunities to deliver food.
  3. Event planning: With social gatherings and events being postponed or canceled due to the recession, there may be fewer opportunities for event planners.
  4. Freelance work: As businesses tighten their budgets, they may be less likely to hire freelancers or may offer lower rates for their services.
  5. Retail: With many people cutting back on spending, demand for retail goods may decrease, leading to fewer sales and potentially less work for those in the retail industry.
  6. Door-to-door sales or marketing: With many people struggling financially during a recession, it may be harder to persuade them to purchase products or services.
  7. Tourism and hospitality: The travel industry is often one of the hardest hit during a recession, so side gig work in this field may be scarce.
  8. Physical labor: With a downturn in construction and other industries, there may be less demand for manual labor.
Physical Labor Jobs

It’s important to consider the state of the economy when choosing a side gig and to be prepared for the possibility that it may be more challenging to find consistent work during a recession.


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