About Us

The journey began the first week of the pandemic in March 2020....

Building wealth isn't nearly as difficult as you might think. This is The Misguided Podcast, where we intend to guide you to a better future.

This is a podcast that guides you in a direction of growth. We cover everything from business, to the successes and failure stories of entrepreneurs, to mental health and everything in between, and around! The goal is to highlight where entrepreneurs failed and give you some insight on where you can succeed by pinpointing the mistakes others have gone through!

We are a mission-driven community aimed at providing the world with much-needed wealth & health guidance and support. We do this through going deep to uncover the misconceptions we were initially taught.

We offer completely free resources as well as paid information including courses, one-on-one mentor calls, articles, audio, and video content, an incredibly supportive community, and more.

Through our approach, we support our community in a conversational education environment where it's relatable and non-judgmental.

Nothing here is meant as or should be taken as specific or direct advice: please do your own research on all topics.