Best Notary Supplies for Starting Your Mobile Notary Business

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Starting a mobile notary business can be a lucrative venture, but having the right notary supplies is crucial for success. In this article, we'll explore the top-notch supplies you need to kickstart your mobile notary business and provide professional services to your clients.

1. The Essential Notary Seal

The cornerstone of any notary business is the notary seal. Opt for a high-quality and durable seal that meets all state regulations. A well-designed seal embosses your official signature on documents, adding credibility and authenticity to your notarized papers.

2. Reliable Notary Journal

A reliable notary journal is a must-have for any mobile notary. Choose one with numbered pages for organized record-keeping of every transaction. Not only does it help you maintain a clear record, but it also ensures compliance with legal requirements, which may vary by state. I personally use this one on Amazon for $20. 

3. Thumprint Fingerpad

Ensuring additional security and authentication, a thumbprint fingerpad is a valuable addition to your notary supplies. It allows you to capture the thumbprints of signers, providing an extra layer of identification and safeguarding against potential fraud. I've also received many compliments for providing wet-wipes for clients fingers after they have completed the fingerprint.

4. Mobile Notary Bag

Since you'll be on the move, investing in a sturdy and well-organized mobile notary bag is a smart choice. Look for one with ample space and compartments to keep all your supplies secure and easily accessible. A well-organized bag will help you appear more professional and efficient to your clients. California requires Notaries to have their notary journal/stamp locked up, so my bag has a lock on it. 

5. High-Quality Document Printing

Having a reliable printer and using high-quality paper is vital for a mobile notary business. Ensure your printed documents are clear, legible, and free from smudges or ink streaks. This small attention to detail can make a big difference in the impression you leave on your clients. Make sure to get a Lazer printer for your mobile notary needs such as loan signings.

6. Mobile Technology Gadgets

Embrace technology to streamline your mobile notary business. Invest in a a good platform to keep track of your notary appointments and details related to the transaction like invoices, clients information, date/time of appointments. I use google calendar and Quick Books but there are many out there to choose from!

7. Business Cards and Marketing Materials

Don't underestimate the power of traditional marketing. Design professional business cards and marketing materials to promote your mobile notary services locally. Networking and leaving your business cards with potential clients can lead to valuable referrals and new opportunities.


In conclusion, launching a successful mobile notary business requires the right set of supplies and tools. From notary seals to mobile technology gadgets, each item plays a crucial role in enhancing your professionalism and efficiency. Invest in high-quality notary supplies to provide exceptional service and build a strong reputation in the industry.

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