Founder's Story

Juwan Rohan, The Misguided

Juwan Rohan is a progressive entrepreneur from the Bay Area. "Progressive" meaning he is continuing to grow his knowledge and build his businesses in stages. Juwan graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. He was a student athlete who played four years on the basketball team for the Tigers.

After graduating, Juwan worked the traditional 9-5 and through immense studying, he realized common topics amongst the wealthy, was real estate and business. In order to get to those goals, Juwan started a few businesses. Some of those businesses never took off, barely stayed afloat, and some have done extremely well. 

Some of his businesses include: a car rental company, short term rentals, Til' Infinity Clothing, Vallejo Prime Mobile Notary, music, and The Misguided Podcast. 

Juwan is also the author of Money Talks: The Beginner's Guide To Investing For Kids which debuted #1 on Amazon upon his release.  He is also a #1 Best Seller with his book; The Notary Guide: How To Build A Mobile Notary Business.

The goal is to educate others on what he has learned through business so that others can avoid the same mistakes he's made.