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It can be hard to get started in the notary business. Most states need you to have a notary seal, a stamp, and a journal. In addition, most states require you to take at least one notary course to keep your notary certification active. The good news is that all these are easy to get — and you can get them in some states without spending a dime! Here’s how to start a notary business for less than $500.


Easy steps to start a notary business

Starting a lucrative mobile notary business can be a great way to supplement your current income. It’s also a way to establish a solid customer base and build a brand in your community. Here’s how to start a notary business for less than $500. I am speaking from first-hand experience. In my two years, I’ve gone through tons of mistakes and tons of success.

1. Study

Yes, your journey to start your notary business begins with studying. Every state has different requirements to become a notary officer or start a notary business. For example, you must complete six hours of training in California. Every state can have a different time limit for the training session. After completing your training, you have to collect the completion certificate of the training.

2. Enroll in the test

After completing your training or study, you must enroll in the notary test or exam by visiting the official website. You must fill out the application form. After filling up the form, you will get the test date. You have to wait till the test date. You can study while waiting and order supplies.

3. Visit the test center.

When you reach the test date, you must visit the test center with a 2X2 inch photo, USD $40, your driver’s license and or passport, training completion certificate, and your signed application. You have to submit all of these things at the examination center. After submission, you can go in for the test.

4. Results

After taking an exam or test for a notary business, you must wait for the result for at least 15 days. If you fail the exam, you must reschedule to pass the exam and pay an additional $20 fee. If you pass the exam, you must wait for the commission package for at least 2–3 weeks. During this time, you can start to build your business profiles, market your business, and complete live practice with family members or friends.

5. Receive the package

Your commission package will reach under three weeks. A stamp, and two-letter of your commission are expected to be in the commission package. However, stuff could differ depending on the state you live in. Once you receive your package, you will need to file your oath and bond.

6. File oath and bond

After one month of receiving the package, you must file the bond and oath by visiting the county clerk’s office with the two forms you receive with the commission package. This must be done within 30 days so hurry up! After filing the oath and bond, you become official. You can now use the stamp and complete notary assignments.

7. Purchase additional stuff

You should also purchase extra stuff from Amazon that can help you in your business. You must buy ink to record thumbprints, extra pens, a journal, and extra acknowledgment/jurat forms (or printer paper and you can print them yourselves).


Notary services are in high demand these days and are a recession-proof business if you do it correctly. In addition, the best businesses that survive are businesses that have the least overhead, and notary services have become less expensive than ever before to start, so it’s easy to start a notary service for less than $500.


If you prefer to learn by watching videos, here’s a video explaining the process in more detail. Check it out here. My name is Juwan and I am the owner of Vallejo Prime Mobile Notary and I have been a notary for almost 2 years. I’ve experienced many mistakes and a bunch of successes, and my goal is to tell you ALL of it…. 


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