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On Amazon, you’ll notice that all the featured books are listed in the top 100,000 books on the site. Getting ranked at the #1 spot is almost impossible, especially with everyone writing books or low-content journals nowadays. What if I told you there’s a way…. speaking from first-hand experience. I did it and you can do it.

Getting your book to #1 on Amazon’s New Releases section is a great way to build a loyal reader base and additional income. If you want to know the method of getting your book to the top of the New Releases section, this article will show you the steps you need to take to get your book on Amazon’s Best Seller lists.

Top Tips To Rank #1 on New Releases on Amazon

Getting your book to the top of the Amazon bestseller and New Release list can be tricky. You could hire a publisher or an extensive ad campaign, but that could cost you thousands of dollars. You could also try to perform it yourself with help from one of the best accessible strategies to reach #1. The following are some tips that you must follow to get a #1 ranking on Amazon-

1. Pre-orders

Pre-orders play a vital part in being the #1 on Amazon. After hearing from a good friend of mine, how they earn additional income every month from multiple books they’ve written, I decided to write my first book during covid. I learned that pre-orders are extremely important to get your book to be visible. Within hours of my book being released, I got the #1 ranking on New Releases and #3 on Best Sellers. Pre-orders play a crucial part in becoming number 1 because they give you a lot of opportunities to rank high.

Suppose you have a hundred pre-orders and release a book on April 12th. The pre-orders will become 100 orders upon release, and this helps you supercharge your ranking in the amazon algorithm. A hundred orders will boost your book ranking at incredible speed and all you did was promote your book before it’s release.

2. Reach out to people

The second tip is to reach out to the people you think your book will help. For example, let’s say you are releasing a book for children. It would be helpful to tell parents, teachers, and school staff about the book, so they can buy or suggest it to their students or children. Remember, do not try to sell the book because no one loves a salesperson. You should only tell them about the positive things that can help children or readers in their careers or life.

3. Creative Techniques

Here’s a quick tip — when I released my book teaching kids financial literacy, I even hit up my friends who had no kids, but I offered a solution… “hey, if you buy this book, you can send it to my house, and I’ll donate it to the school in town.” Not one of my friends battled me on this. It was a win-win for everybody. In case you’re wondering… I actually did donate the books to school, thank you very much .

I had even suggested to my podcast viewers or listeners (The Misguided Podcast) to buy the book Money Talks: The beginner's Guide to Investing for Kids, even if you have no kids. I believe this helped me gain traction as my book was retweeted by influencers and thousands of people. I eventually got a couple of hundred of dollars in donations to donate these books to schools which I have done and continue to do. Now obviously, depending on your book of choice, this won’t work for everyone, but the key detail here is to find creative ways to promote.


Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer or platform, but big names still dominate the platform. That makes it difficult to notice your books, and it doesn’t help that Amazon ranks books based on sales rather than merit. This blog has covered some helpful tips that can help you to get the no.1 rank on Amazon.

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